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All umpires must have a little league volunteer application on file with your local Little League.  Youth Umpires must be 11 years old or older and in the Majors division or above.

Former Viejo Little League players are encouraged to return as umpires and most schools will count this as volunteer hours. 

Umpire Scheduling System
Juniors Division / Elite Winter Ball Umpire System

Umpire Resources

Thank you very much for volunteering (or planning to volunteer) as an umpire. Umpiring can be a lot of fun and there's no better way to experience Little League baseball. Below are some information and documents that can help make the best of your umpiring experience.

Umpire Requirements
    - Attend a Rules Clinic
    - Attend a Umpire Mechanics Clinic
    - Submit a Little League Volunteer Application

Junior Umpire Requirements
    - At least 11 years old and not currently playing in AAA
    - Attend the Junior Umpire Clinic
    - Submit a Little League Volunteer Application

For any questions, please contact the Viejo UIC, Mark Fischer at [email protected]

Umpire Basicsumpire-basics-2017-manual.pdf
The purpose of this booklet is to provide useful information about the art and skill of umpiring. It is mostly about umpire mechanics on 60' diamonds. It provides some information on mechanics for larger diamonds, rules, umpire gear, handling conflicts and other topics such as umpire philosophy.

Little League™ baseball and softball rules are covered in the Official Regulations and Playing Rules book. Umpire mechanics define how umpires move on the field. Proper mechanics is a skill that all umpires should try to learn from trained instructors as early as possible and throughout their career. To learn it requires training, practice, thoughtfulness, discipline and time. The information provided in this booklet is only a reference that supplements the mechanics taught at umpire training clinics by properly trained instructors.

Two Umpire Rotationtwomanrotation.pdf
Most typical games will have two umpires present. One home plate up, who is usually referred to as the Umpire in Chief (UIC) and a field umpire. As a field umpire, you will be moving to two to three different locations based on the location of the runners. This document provide a nice reference so you are standing in the right place in all situations.

Four Umpire Rotation4_man_umpiremechanics-diagrams-rev_2014-05-20.pdf 
If you get to umpire a game with 4 umpires, you will want to give this document a read. It covers where each umpire needs to be in all of the situations and who has which calls. If you are new to a 4 person crew, you should definitely read this before the game. You will be glad you did.
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